Our Story

precisely crafted for your life


Sum takes the typical and refines it. We’re a lifestyle brand focused on creating minimal, beautiful, functional products designed to fit seamlessly and easily into daily life.

Where We Came From

For 18 years, Sum Products has been creating electronics in everything from phones to TVs, and in that time the brand has worked with top brands like Tesla, Samsung and LG. Now, we're using that expertise to bring modern, chic products for everyday use to you. Technology should complement and blend with your home and office, and these electronics were designed to be fundamentally functional at the highest level of fit and finish.

Past Clients

Where Art Meets Design

Sum Products should always be seen as highly practical from a design and quality sense, but each object should first and foremost be a mode of personal expression for its user. The products should  be close to the kind of art you would see in a gallery, something that people automatically treat as precious, timeless, and sophisticated. Designs should feel unique, modern, and convey a sense of individualistic personal style.